Big Dreams for Small Gardens

If you nurture lofty ideas for your garden but feel restricted by its size then this article will show you how to turn meager into magnificent. Landscaping, tree cutting (employing a qualified tree surgeon) can all help to fashion a world away from the rigours of everyday life.


No matter how cramped space is, landscaping can still give a petite patch of paradise that cultured look. Adding a well-maintained lawn can be appealing to the eye, especially if it is landscaped into an unusual shape. Using different materials, such as gravel or wood mulch, to establish a path through the lawn can provide a contrast to lure and intrigue the imagination.


Just because you are working with a more confined space, it doesn’t mean that you can’t think about planting trees. It’s merely about recognising the appropriate trees for your space. A garden hawthorn, juneberry or cherry tree would all help bring structure and a place for wildlife to thrive. If you find your garden has been lumbered with an ill-fitting tree then consider tree cutting. As reputable tree surgeons, we have felled many a tree in the St Albans, Harpenden and Borehamwood area to help create space in smaller gardens.

Thinking Inside the Box

Using pots, window boxes, old step-ladders or even refurbished old pallets to plant and show off small flowers or ferns can help maximise space and develop unique features. Perennials are best situated around the border of a lawn while filling portable pots with seasonal flowers and plants can create spectacular hotspots within a garden. A climbing plant is an effective way of displaying colour and engaging the eye in a confined space.


Whatever way you choose to utilise your space don’t forget that lighting can also be a tremendous way to produce a relaxing atmosphere. Festive fairy lights, spike lights and LED candle lights can provide an affordable way to illuminate your idyllic patch of greenery. If you’re still stuck for inspiration and you live in the St Albans, Harpenden and Borehamwood area get in touch and see what we can do to help transform your garden.