Appreciating and Helping UK Trees

The trees we find in the South East and indeed all over the UK are mixture of ancient natives and non-native species – all of which help to make up the familiar landscape, and many of us may recognise the shape and colour of trees around us, without always knowing what they are called.

At Oaklands, as a tree surgeon we are specialists in the trees around us here in London and Harpenden. This is a little guide to a few of the more common native species we find in the area:

Oak: commonly found in the South and central UK the oak is instantly recognisable and rich in mythology and symbolism. Look out for signs of trouble from the Oak Processionary Moth and Acute Oak Decline.

Willow: there are several different types of willow native to the UK: Goat Willow, Grey Willow, and White willow. Still used for weaving, and more recently for living tunnels and dens, and popular in landscaping, a compound found in willow bark was used in making Asprin. Look out for Watermark disease. Continue reading Appreciating and Helping UK Trees